Vultures of Emma Willard

About the Project

I've always been fascinated by birds so when I first came to Emma Willard campus, I instantly noticed the huge birds perching on top of the beautiful buildings. After questioning some teachers and upperclassmen, I learned that these huge birds are vultures, and that they've been living on campus for years. However, not many people knew why they were there, or what type of bird they even were! My curiosity and intrigue about these birds led me to decide I wanted to make my STEAM 10 project about them, and this website is the final product! I spent my sophomore year researching about the vultures: their life cycle, diet, and how to identify them. At Emma, there are two breeds of vultures: the Black Vulture, and the Turkey Vulture. Despite being very unique and different, most people in our community had no idea there were two kinds of birds on campus! Because of this, a main focus of my website is teaching people about their unique characteristics and how to properly identify them. My love and curiosity for birds made this project an absolute joy to work on, and I am very happy with the final result. I am very grateful for Mr. Calos who made sure to check in on my progress every week, and Robyn Wu 24' who was in charge of creating the layout and coding the website. I am beyond excited for this website to finally be up and running, and I hope the community enjoys learning about these amazing birds who have become a staple part of the Emma Willard campus!

- Lidia Krylova '24 Emma Willard School

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Content, research, pictures, logo design, and layout: Lidia Krylova '24 Emma Willard School
Web design and Coding: Robyn W. '24 Emma Willard School

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